Get Ready to Sell Your House

Selling your house is not an emotional decision - it is a business decision.  So, why do so many people immediately call their closest friend that happens to be a Realtor when selling their house?  Understandably, everyone wants to work with someone they trust.  After you feel you can trust someone your decision comes down to one simple question:

What will this particular Realtor do for me?

Interview three different Realtors then compare the pros and cons of each.  Keep in mind that the number one method for buyers to find your home is the internet.  If you allow me the honor of listing your house I will produce a fully narrated Home Movie of your house to go on your personalized website explaining the attributes in full color.  I'll show the neighborhood grocery store, walking trails, and family friendly parks.  Each special quality of your house will be accentuated with real video (not still shots made to look like they are moving) and a verbal picture will be painted to sell the dream of owning your home. 

The number two method of selling your home is the yard sign.  In addition to the Home Movie, each of my listings will have a Radio Tour produced so prospective buyers can sit in your driveway and hear all about your house on their car radio.  Instead  of seeing your sign and driving by...they'll see your sign, see the Radio Tour rider on your sign, listen to the Radio Tour and be so impressed with the additional features highlighted in the Radio Tour that they call for an appointment.

Obviously it doesn't always work that smoothly; but, in this market I have found that the norm is no longer enough.  We've got to do something above and beyond the norm to get people's attention.  Of course, I'll help you stage your house, take photos of it and put it on the MLS plus over 20 internet search engines.  In addition to these normal tasks that most every Realtor will perform I'll 1) produce a Home Movie of your house and neighborhood, 2) produce a Radio Tour of your house, and 3) develop a personalized website for your house...


Hopefully, after meeting me your emotions will say, "I like this guy!  Let's go with him!"  More importantly, I hope your business sense says, "This man is willing to work harder and smarter for me than others.  Let's go with him."

I look forward to working with you,


 Review this information and I'll help you each step of the way.


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