Get Ready to Buy Your Dream House

Buying your next house is exciting.  Normally, you've got a bundle of money in hand and your only challenge is to spend it wisely.  For's just plain fun.

Here are a few important things you need to remember along the way:

  1. Your personal financial business is NOT MY BUSINESS.  That is all handled between you and your Lender and I am never privy to any of your personal finances.  All I need to know is how much you want to spend on a house.  Give me the max amount and a few other things and we're ready to go!

  2. The SELLER pays all my commissions as your Buyer's agent.  So, with any house listed in the MLS my services to you are free! 

  3. You are the boss.  If you ask my opinion I'll give it.  But, there is only one person's opinion that matters and that is YOUR opinion.

My wife and I have always loved saving money for a long time then going out and spending the money on a big project.  Best part about helping you is that I don't have to save the money, but, I still get to help you spend it!  

Yes, there will probably be some stress, but, I will hold your hand through the entire process and pave the way for an enjoyable experience.  This is what I do...and I love it.

Looking forward to working with you,


Review this information and I'll help you each step of the way.

J.D. Powers 2008 and 2009 Studies Show Keller Williams
Is TOP in Buyer Satisfaction for Two Years in a Row!

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Keller Williams #1 in Buyer Satisfaction

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