Why does the video / audio not play?
There could be a few reasons that videos on do not play on your computer.

  1. Mac computers have the most difficulty playing Windows Media.  However, you can get a Mac version of Windows Media direct from Microsoft for free by clicking this link.  The videos should work after updating your Mac to play Windows Media.
  2. works best with Internet Explorer.  Google Chrome and Firefox have built-in firewalls that prevent Windows Media Videos from downloading.  If the videos are not working for you, open the site with Internet Explorer.  If you do not have Internet Explorer you can download it for free by clicking here.

  3. If you are using a PC and running Internet Explorer, yet, still cannot see the videos you probably do not have a current version of Windows Media RealPlayer.  It is very easy to download and only takes a couple minutes.  Simply click here and follow the directions. is visually stimulating with numerous videos.  It's definitely worth your time and is completely safe.
What is the square with the little red "x"?
If you see a red "x" where the video should be, look at the top of the site and click the yellow bar that will allow you to download a Windows Media Player Extension.  After clicking the yellow bar, click "Run ActiveX Control".  It will ask, "Do you want to run this ActiveX control?"  You should click "Run" to install the correct version of Windows Media Player onto your computer.  The Microsoft Corporation is a trusted site and downloading this ActiveX control allowing Windows Media to play will not diversely affect your computer. 

If you do not see a yellow bar at the top of your browser, 
click here and follow the directions.  It will only take a couple minutes and is completely safe.

Where is the Home Movies link enabling me to see larger videos with details?
Look at the tabs on the left.  Home Movies is sixth from the top after Realty Resources.  Clicking on the Home Movies link will give you the option to select any video you want to see.  Click the video title and the Windows Media Player will appear with the length of each video listed in parentheses underneath the player. 

Why will the videos not play after pushing the play button?
Remember, patience is a virtue .  After pushing the arrow to play one time, wait as much as 30 seconds for play to begin.  These videos are high quality and need to buffer before beginning.  If the video has not begun after 30 seconds, push play again.  If, after waiting another 30 seconds it still does not play, shoot your computer.  Remember, shooting your monitor will not must shoot your computer.  After shooting you will see things begin to happen very quickly.

If you are having other problems navigating this site...we want to know!

Please click here and tell us your problem.  We'll do our best to respond quickly and either fix the problem or put notes on this page to help someone else having the same issue in the future.  Thanks!
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