“We are a product of our past.”


In retrospect, it seems the events of my life have fantastically fallen into place preparing me for serving others as a Realtor.  I was born in Huntsville and as a boy of 12 years old  began playing guitar and singing on Huntsville television.  I was in Lee High School’s first Broadway styled musical which led me to auditioning as an entertainer at Opryland USA in Nashville, TN.  After three seasons in their professional theatre, I found a niche in choreographing Broadway styled musicals and showchoirs around the state of Alabama.  During this time, my Business Administration degree from the University of Alabama in Huntsville was aptly applied in the business world with a fortune 500 Industrial Chemical Company where I became the top herbicide salesman in the nation.  All the while, an underlying driving passion for spreading the gospel through music kept me directing the sanctuary choir at my church and leading in praise & worship each Sunday.

It makes me happy when I see others happy.  Over time, I have written, directed, choreographed, and produced over 200 large-scale theatrical productions.  Many of these were award-winning.  All of them were audience pleasing.  My greatest honor has come through writing and producing the Share the Blessings concert series that has given over $56,000 to orphans in Paraguay and the Ukraine.  Through a great deal of trial and error and an equal amount of professional training, I have learned what puts a smile on a customer's face whether they are seated in an office or a theatre.

The culmination of these life experiences have created who I am today.  My pride and joy are the ones I hold closest: my wife since 1990, my son and his wife, and my daughter and her husband.  I will always follow the admonition from Scripture to forsake all others and hold my family as priority.  At the same time, I will utilize the business and sales practices of an award-winning corporate salesman, the creativity of a theatrical professional, and the attention to detail of an Administrative Science Major and produce results for YOU.  And while we have this singular goal in mind, hopefully we will find something to smile about along the way.

Lights, camera, and most importantly – action.

With this background working in your favor,
producing results will come naturally.

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